Alexander III, 312-281 BC, silver tetradrachm

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Alexander III, 312-281 BC, silver tetradrachm. Seleukid Empire. Seleukeia on the Tigris I mint. Bold strike and strong lustrous fields

The strike and high relief detail of this coin manifest the exquisite appeal of Greek artistry.

Alexander the Great appeared in a vision received by the prophet Daniel  200 years before the conqueror of the known world was born.

The eighth chapter of the Book of Daniel describes Alexander as the King of Greece who charged from the West crossing the earth without touching the ground.  Crushing the Kings of Media and Persia, the super powers of that era.  In the prophecy Alexander was killed at the peak of his power and replaced by four generals.

This vision became a reality in 321 BC upon Alexanders death when four of his generals divided his newly conquered empire.  Generals Ptolemy, Seleuces, Cassander, and Antigonus ruled the 4 kingdoms that would emerge but have less power than the Empire Alexander established in three and a half years of war.