"3 Wisemen and a Baby " Numismatic Nativity Set

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Ancient numismatic nativity set, authentic ancient 3 coin Wisemen set in beautiful wood box PLUS Madonna and Child coin minted in Hungary from the mid 1400's through the early 1600's

"The Wise men of the East" left behind tangible evidence of their existence in the forms of coins.  

Their journey guided by the Star of Bethlehem and financed with the currency of their culture is told in Matthew Chapter 2.

This attractively displayed 3 coin set features:

King Azes II Billion Tetradracm

 King Azes II Silver Tetradrachm 

 King Azes II Silver Drachm

3 Wise men followed the Star of Bethlehem to worship the newborn Christ and present gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh.

Scholars now believe the Magi were representatives of King Azes II of Bactria, which is now Afganistan.

The obverse features a king on horseback.  The reverses have a variety of Greek deities.  These coins were inscribed with both Greek and Kharoshthi languages.