Matthew 22:21 "Render unto Caesar" Tiberius Tribute Penny

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Tiberius Roman Emperor 14 - 37 AD,  Silver Denarius

Silver surfaces and a sharp strike add to the desirability of this historically significant coin.

Tiberius was the Emperor who ruled when Christ made His famous quote  "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"

The Pharisees asked Christ if it was right to pay the Imperial Tax to Caesar in hope of receiving a response to use against Him. 

Jesus knowing their evil intent demanded to see the coin used for paying the tax.  His famous reply acknowledged  Caesars right to receive coins made in his image,  while indicating that man made in God's image has a higher calling.

The display folder is our unique creation that provides the coin details, our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and an artistic rendering that paints a picture of Biblical HIStory